Bodhran Tippers Of The World-Part 2

by MichelleStewart on June 3, 2013

A few months ago I asked the bodhran community to send me photos of their tipper collections, big or small.

The goal was simply to share our mutual passion for bodhran and possibly even enlighten others about tippers from around the world.

I figured I’d get a good response, but I didn’t anticipate quite so many entries so I’ve had to break the album down into several parts to showcase the collections best.

So, here it is, Part 2 of the ‘Tippers Of The World’ album.   If you’ve sent me your photo, but don’t see it here or  in Part 1 don’t worry. It will be featured in an upcoming instalment.

Enjoy the wealth of information shared here, but please don’t feel like you need to rush out and buy twenty new tippers. Many of the larger collections have grown over the years, but all you need is one really good tipper to get started.

With that said, if you’re looking for a new tipper I suspect these collections and accompanying descriptions will be extremely helpful.

For a larger view of each collection click on the individual photos.

Drum On!

~ Michelle

                                    Part 2

Crieff, Scotland, now living in France

Attached photo of my collection: (Left to right)

  • 1 – 3: Rosewood tippers bought as a batch on eBay for £9, I like them all, but #1 is my overall favourite
  • 4:  Came with my Victor Barral drum – quite heavy, for when I need to thrash
  • 5 & 6: Bundle and click tipper from Brendan White
  • 7: Home made bundle
  • 8: First ever tipper , came with the Pakistani drum.

Homemade tipper roll bag – designed to be able to cope with a few more additions to the collection.

Kind regards,
Jen Newstead – France


Hi Michelle!
Here’s a pic of my tippers: (From left to right)
  1. Made in furniture shop-from unknown origin out of unknown wood 1993 : )
  2. Christian Hedwitschak ebony tipper, heavy!
  3. Seamus O’Kane ‘fiddle bow’ tipper
  4. Seamus O’Kane ‘clicky’ tipper
  5. Eamonn Maguire African blackwood stick, early 90’s
  6. Kebab stick tipper made by myself after Seamus O’Kanes spec. (individually rounded and burnished sticks)
  7. Brendan White, unknown wood, wrapped with self vulcanizing tape 2011
All the best!
/Lars Mott – Sweden

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

This was a fun one. I didn’t realize I had so many tippers or how international my collection was until I had to round them all up for a photo shoot. I have 17 in total, but 6 of them are never used because I either don’t like the weight, feel or sound. Hopefully I can gift them away at the Gaelic College this summer. Still, 11 tippers seems to be a bit excessive, but they are all just so wonderful.
So here they are from left to right:
  • 1 & 2 – Maker/wood unknown, both ~ 9 inches. Came with a drum.
  • 3, 4 & 5 –  Ebony. Made for me by a friend here in Nova Scotia. ~ 9.25 inches (3 & 4) and ~9.5 inches (5)
  • 6 – Made by Brian’s Bodhran Beaters in the US. Wood unknown but it’s very lightweight. ~ 10.5 inches – Great for triplets!
  • 7 & 8 – Effects tippers by Christian Hedwitschak in Germany. #7 has thin skewers tapered at the end for a nice soft sound. #8 has thicker beech skewers for a higher, louder more clicky sound.
  • 9 – Split tipper by Christian Hedwitschak in Germany. Made of ebony, it has a beech centre at the split end and has a nice subtle click sound. ~ 9.5 inches. Great for triplets too.
  • 10 & 11 – Falconwood Tippers in The Netherlands. Not sure of the wood as I bought them secondhand, but I think #10 is ebony and #11 is snakewood. ~ 9.25 inches. They are very thin and light making them very fast and quiet if needed. I use these a lot when I want to play, but don’t want to disturb the rest of the household.
  • 12 – Christian Hedwitschak in Germany. Snakewood ~ 9.25 inches. This one is really fast and light.
  • 13 – Pretty rainbow laminate. Unknown maker ~ 9 inches. I wish I knew who made this one, I love it! Great solid sound, but not too heavy. This one, along with one of the CH effect tippers came with my drum. (purchased used from another BEPM student).
  • 14, 15, 16 & 17 – Made by Alan Kirkpatrick in the US. #14 is rosewood ~ 10.5 inches, #15 is laminate ~ 10.5 inches. #16 is rosewood ~ 10 inches – this one arrived broken neatly in two (glued together by Hubby, but I doubt it will hold). I contacted the maker asking for suggestions on how to repair it if possible and he immediately sent me a replacement (#14). Great customer service! #17 is ebony ~ 9.5 inches and my current favorite. It reminds me of Michelle’s famous “birthday tipper”.

 Valerie Turner – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Wales, UK

Hi Michelle, no idea where most of them came from.
The ones I actually use are the ones on top of the wrapper in the middle. namely a 
  • Cormac Byrne Bodhrod
  • Seamus O’Kane weighted fiddle bow type
  • Couple of home made hotrods, one single ended and one double, weighted with a brass rod through the middle.
There’s a few good ones in there, but most are really kindling.
My favourite thing there is the old Test Tube stand from a school chemistry lab. It still smells of “Chemicals”.
Also included a picture of my Bodhran Collection, well most of them, there’s a few others scattered about the house.
Mike Quinn – Wales, UK

Oregon, USA

Left to right:

  1. Glen Stout
  2. Home made fiddle bow
  3. Rod
  4. Bamboo skewers
  5. Bamboo skewers
  6. Brian’s JJ Speed Beater
  7. Merlin’s key
  8. Christian Hedwitschak snakewood
  9. Christian Hedwitschak ebony
  10. Click
  11. Hi-hat
  12. Chili pepper brush
  13. Mexican brush
  14. Alfonso laminate
  15. The Unknown Tipper that just showed up one day.
By the way, the Hedwitschak ebony (ball ends) is perfect for the beginner as it makes triplets super easy.
Tippers 11, 12 & 13 have foam pencil grips. Tippers 6,8 & 9 have gel pen grips.
Joy Hagler – Oregon, USA

New South Wales, Australia

Hi Michelle,
Wendy Flannery from beautiful Lennox Head, New South Wales, Australia here.
Thought I may as well share my tippers with you as well.
So here they are 🙂 left to right:
  1. Honduras Rosewood tipper (my favourite at moment) bought from Lee Allan maker of Beagan Irish Drums (also my fav drum), however I think it is a Falconwood tipper.
  2. Christian Hedwitschak Makassar Ebony split tipper
  3. Christian Hedwitschak Snakewood SW3
  4. Hot rod made by Aussie named Glen who I have met a few times at different schools/workshops!
  5. Brush tipper also made by Glen
  6. Glen again
  7. And again from Glen
  8. Split tipper from Paraic McNeela –
  9. Weighted double ribbed tipper from Paraic McNeela –

Just need to find myself some foam pencil grips. Not available in Australia 🙁 Find it hard to get hand on a few things bodhran related (in particular good bodhran bags) as lots of people still don’t want to post to us down here for some reason. But that will not stop us…

Drum on,

Wendy Flannery – New South Wales, Australia

North Carolina, USA

Robert Boer – North Carolina, USA

Minnesota, USA

Starting from the bottom:

  • Beater that came with my Pakistan drum
  • Rosewood by Roosebeck, Pakistan, ordered off eBay

The rest are self-made:

  • double ended felt (cherry wood)
  • small single end felt (East Indian rosewood)
  • “stick” (Brazilian cherry)
  • bamboo skewers

Patrick Conroy – Minnesota, USA

California, USA

Lindsay Stark’s Collection#1

Above left to right:
Davey Drums
  • 1. Cocobolo bell end 9”
  • 2. Paduk-ball end. I really liked this one, so asked for a heavier one (it was my dogs favorite too)
  • 3. Same tipper in Cocobolo
Brian’s Bodhran Beaters
  • 4. I sent Brian the paduk one to copy before Dave sent me another. Also in Cocobolo
  • 5. Brian modified what I sent and made this one. It’s a bit shorter, thicker and made of kingwood
  • 6. Purple Heart, Bell n Ball 9” 2 oz.
  • 7. Old Growth Walnut (200 yr old tree, under water 150 yrs) 9” 1.4 oz. shows that all are 1 of a kind
Brent Cuyler – Finnegan Hill Irish Percussion
  • 8. Cuyler’s Ebony, T-Rod 9.5” .90 oz.
  • 9. Ebony 9”. My first tipper bought from e-bay
Falconwood Tippers
  • 10. Snakewood FW-02 SW 22.5 cm
  • 11. Kingwood FW-02 KW 22 cm
  • 12. bbq skewers ½ end cap and shrinkwrap with o ring. Sanded/Rounded ends 9”
  • 13. 6 craft rods. Glued in the middle, drum stick wrap, sanded and rounded to protect drum skin. 9”

Psychedelic Tipper Wrap













Lindsay Stark’s Corgi Tipper Collection By David Robson

Above Left to right:

  1. Blk/Tan acrylic with Padauk wood kerry style. 23cm
  2. Blk/Tan acrylic with Padauk wood click tipper. 23cm
  3. Tiger HotRod with Lime Dowels. 23.5 cm
  4. Orange/White acrylic with Mountain Ash wood brush tipper 24 cm with brush
  5. Orange/White acrylic with Mountain Ash wood wooly tipper 23.5 cm
Lindsay Stark – California, USA

Alberta, Canada

Hi Michelle, It’s not a huge collection, but I’m lucky; it didn’t take me long to find my “perfect” tipper.
Fanned out above on my drum, “Braith” – From left:
  1. Lisconnor – from Walton’s – made of birch, I think.
  2. “The Caber” – bought this from Dave Settles, my drum maker. It’s great for BOOMING BASS and it’s so heavy it’s like tossing a caber – hence the nickname. Perhaps Cocobolo???
  3. “Smokin’ Andy” – my perfect tipper made right in front of me by master turner, Andrew Glazebrook of Innisfail, Alta. Made of Figured Hard Rock Maple. It’s the perfect weight and balance for smokin’ triplets, light enough I can play for hours, heavy enough I get some real bass.
  4. My perfect tipper. 🙂 Off-Centre – Another one from Dave Settles; rosewood, I think.
  5. Rattlin’ Willy – LOL – I watched a Michelle Stewart video about how to make a practice tipper and voila!
Terri Mason – Alberta, Canada

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If you have any of the tippers featured in the collections or want to share insight that might be useful to your fellow drummers please leave a comment below.



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Lars Mott June 4, 2013 at 8:04 am

Regarding my sticks in the picture – i know i stuck my neck out on Facebook, boldly claiming that ‘anything more than four tippers is self indulgence’ (or something similar)
I never use the ‘fiddle stick’ or Eamonn Maguire tippers, rarely use the O’Kane ‘clicky tipper’ so that leaves.. 4 😉
I have mostly thick skinned drums, and playing them with skinny sticks is like scratching a rhino with a straw, hence i could live a perfectly happy life with the remaining four.

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