I Officially Have Bodhran Tipper Envy – Part 2

by MichelleStewart on August 31, 2012

(Aug 2012) Check out the other half of my friend Lauraileen’s bodhran tipper collection that she brought to the Gaelic College this year. It was certainly fun playing around with them.

I wish I could have seen my own face when I tried number 10. It’s not just incredibly cool to look at either. It sounds like nothing else I’ve ever tried before so I’ll definitely be ordering myself one of those funky little numbers. In fact, I think I’ll start making up my bodhran tipper Christmas wish list and conveniently leave it where my husband is sure to see it.


Tipper Collection 2nd Half

1. Albert Alfonso
2.Brian’s Beaters T-Rod
3.From the music store in Doolin, Co. Clare, Ireland
4.Brian’s Beaters
5.Albert Alfonso
6.Albert Alfonso
7.David Robson Woolly Top at Craiceann
8.Falconwood Tippers
9.Brian’s Beaters T-Rod
10.David Robson Acrylic Top Clicker at Craiceann
11.Falconwood Tippers
12.Allen Kirkpatrick of Bethesda Woodworks
13.Brendan White Clicker
14.Brendan White
15.Allan Collison at Craiceann
16.Christian Hedwitshak Snakewood
17.Cormac Byrne  Bodhrod – Blayne Chastain uses this on his online Bodhran course 

If you haven’t seen the first half of the collection yet click here.

AND, as always, I love it when you share info about your tippers, where you got them and your own tipper stories. It’s a great help to everyone else who is thinking about investing in some new tippers too.

The posts left under Part 1 (1st Half Of the Collection) were super so thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute there.

Please leave a comment below to add your two cents on tippers and feel free to click the Facebook ‘recommend’ or Twitter ‘tweet this’ buttons to share this post with your bodhran playing friends.

Keep calm and drum on.

~ Michelle



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David Settles September 3, 2012 at 10:41 am

After seeing Louraileen’s tipper collection I was curious of my own and decided to count them. I ended up with a total count of 49. Of course I don’t carry all of them in my tipper bag. I carry only nine, of which only three I use regularly. I prescribe to the belief that one cannot have too many tippers. Of the 49, many are duds. Though I don’t carry the duds I keep them as a reminder of what didn’t work. I also carry two or three tippers for trading. I find that trading is a nice way to be reminded of players that I have met. I get a bit nostalgic about some of them. One I cherish a great deal is a bamboo piece I found on the beach of Inisheer. It came from a pole that held a tiki torch and had been salt water soaked. I dried it in the sun and after splitting the end I was able to use it before we left. One of the instructors, Helen, fell in love with it and I had found enough bamboo to make two and give her one of them. The story would normally end there but later there was an Irish TV program that had a segment on Craiceann and part of the clip showed Helen’s class. She dumped a bag of tippers out on the floor for beginners to try and out rolled the bamboo tipper. When held close I can get a whiff of the sea odor from Inisheer, a nice bonus for a tipper.

Sharon September 5, 2012 at 2:07 am

I just starting playing and found Christian’s website. I recently got from him the EF-6 which is a little brush tipper, I love it, it has such a cool sound!


Mike April 25, 2014 at 8:09 am

I was quite surprised to see that in among all those lovely tippers, there wasn’t a brush to be found, not even a single-ended one! I have just gotten back into bodhran after a multi-year absence (long story not worth going into), and ordered my first brush (double-ended from Hobgoblin) as well as my first “bunch of rods” – don’t know what else to call them, is there a proper name? – and am really excited about getting started on them when they arrive. A LOT has happened in the bodhran world since I played back in the late ’90s, and I’m absorbing it as fast as I can. Thanks for a great site!!!

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