KOTR Level 2, 3 & 4

by MichelleStewart on April 14, 2023


Keepers Of The Rhythm – Level 2, 3 & 4


. .. NOT JUST PLAYING bodhrán, but being exceptionally good at it.

. . . .Silencing the Negative Nancy in your head telling you ‘Other people are just naturally talented at it. It comes easy to them.’

. . . Trusting you wouldn’t DESIRE to be an incredible drummer if it wasn’t possible for you.

. . . No longer feeling embarrassed by the fact you haven’t done much to get closer to your musical dream because now you’re listening to your longings.

. . . Feeling like YOU again!.

. . . you know who I mean

. . . the YOU who feels so alive and blissed out when drumming that it’s like you’ve entered another dimension, where someone would get an electric shock if they touched you in that moment and all seems right in the world.

If something stirred in you when you read that, you are ready to LEVEL UP and become a Keeper Of The Rhythm?

Check out the SUPER DUPER IN-DEPTH, SUITE OF COURSES you get access to:

How do I know if I’m ready for KOTR?
Perfect for you if:

You have already gone through, or currently going through, BodhránExpert Platinum Membership Level 1

You  would consider yourself to be either an Advanced Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Intermediate drummer

You’re getting nowhere fast trying to learn on your own and wish you had someone to guide you by the hand every step of the way

You want to be able to follow a program at your own pace, but with the structure and guidance equivalent to private lessons

You have a passion for music and ready to make a quantum leap in your playing with a friendly, supportive and enthusiastic teacher with 42 years of drumming experience.

You’re starting to think you just might be bodhrán obsessed

KOTR is NOT for you if:

You’re a raw beginner on the bodhrán (if so BEPM Platinum Level 1 would be perfect for you)

You’re an excuse maker and you want to keep procrastinating so you’ll be no further ahead this time next year

    You aren’t willing to take advice and be coachable

    You can’t invest in yourself and your success

    You aren’t ready to take the necessary steps to take your playing to the next level

   You don’t even like music

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